The Road to Youth-Inclusive Implementation of WPS-HA Compact Actions

Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action Compact Side Event

Sixty-sixth session of the Commission on the Status of Women

A 24-Hour Generation Equality Side Event

Date and Time: March 16, 2022, 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM EDT

As an inclusive and inter-generational platform, the Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action (WPS-HA) Compact has a strong focus on harnessing meaningful youth engagement through its mandate and actions. Therefore, the Compact will host an event on the margins of the 66th session of the Commission on the Status of Women and as part of the 24-hour Generation Equality Side Events aiming to strengthen and reflect the intergenerational dimensions of the Compact across its actions and signatories and to enhance accountability for meaningful youth inclusion, with a focus on the inclusion of young women and intergenerational co-leadership.


The Compact Framework features several actions that directly contribute to the work of young people from the local to the national and global level and across different issue areas. These actions are to be implemented by different signatory stakeholder groups. In brief, it has 10 actions that directly impact the work of young people across different framework areas and an additional 15 actions that relate to their work indirectly. Within the first six months since the launch of the Compact, data demonstrates that UN agencies, academic institutions, regional organizations, member states, and civil society organizations – including youth-led organizations – have signed on to a number of the specific youth-focused actions of the Compact. Additionally, 13 youth-led organizations have become Signatories to the Compact. The Compact provides a unique opportunity for young people, particularly young women, to drive intergenerational leadership and collaboration for sustainable peace.  

 The event will have two key objectives:  

1.       Highlight the importance of youth expertise and engagement in peace and security and humanitarian action and present best practices of intergenerational collaboration.

2.       Discuss and demonstrate how Compact Signatories can concretely support intergenerational leadership and actions and ensure that their own work is sensitive to the reality and needs of young women and youth.

The event will feature an intergenerational opening plenary with WPS-HA Compact Board and Catalytic members and Signatories, followed by breakout sessions to discuss the most pressing issues relevant to youth engagement in the implementation of WPS-HA Compact actions.

We invite you and your networks, especially young peacebuilders and leaders, to join us for a constructive discussion and the exchange of ideas and solutions for the implementation of these actions.

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 We look forward to seeing you there!