Launch of the First WPS-HA Compact Accountability Report 2022

The release of this first accountability report is a milestone achievement for the Compact on Women, Peace and Security and Humanitarian Action (WPS-HA) since its 2021 launch at the Generation Equality Forum in Paris. Since then, 205 Signatories – 174 of which were eligible to provide data for this report – have mobilized into action in 156 countries across the globe.

This report reviews the implementation of Signatory actions in 2022 and comes at a time when the world is experiencing the highest number of conflicts since the creation of the UN. Additionally, military expenditure continues to skyrocket, and financing for gender equality in conflict and crisis contexts and women’s organizations remains severely inadequate in proportion to the need. Seventy-one per cent of Signatories who were eligible to report implemented actions in a country experiencing fragility. Fifty-nine per cent implemented actions in a country where peace has declined from 2021 to 2022.

Signatory efforts have underpinned sustainable and inclusive peace processes, financed the work of local women’s organizations, championed the contributions of women peacebuilders of all ages, and paved the path to economic opportunities and senior leadership roles for women.

This report contributes to increased accountability, stronger coordination and evidence-guided strategies for sustainable peace.

Explore the progress reported by Signatories here.