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A Yemeni community entrepreneur who has worked with many local and international organizations, Ola al-Aghbary is the Founder and Executive Director of the Sheba Youth Foundation for Development. An activist since 2011, she focuses on youth and women empowerment to foster positive change within Yemeni communities and society. More recently, she played an instrumental role in the negotiation efforts to reopen roads and create a humanitarian corridor to the war-torn city of Taiz. Ola was the youngest speaker on the 2014 edition of TEDx Taiz on the theme of ÒIgniting CreativityÓ.

ÒIt takes hope to be able to do the kind of work done by Yemeni women and youth peace advocates. We need to believe we can bring youth home from the frontlines, and that roads will one day open, and that women will one day assume leadership positions and have more influence.Ó

UN Photo/Heba Naji

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